PPPAI Membership

Be the Professional Member of  PPPAI, India’s First Network of Public Procurement Professionals.

PPPAI Membership is open to all procurement & supply chain professionals in public sector. In addition, we do provide the membership for the organizations as well. This membership helps you and your organization excel in the field of Public Procurement. 

PPPAI works in cooperation with The World Bank, ADB, NDB, AIIB & ITC Geneva. Join our network of over 10,000+ supply management professionals and get the tools you and your organization need to advance and perform at each stage of your career.

Benefits of PPPAI Membership

Join 10,000+ procurement professionals of PPPAI and enjoy the great benefits today as mentioned below.


PPPAI conducts webinars, conferences and many other events very frequently for members.

Weekly Quiz

Weekly quiz is a brainstorming tool for PPPAI members.


PPPAI become the platform to interact with Researchers and Experts


PPPAI provides wide range of certifications on Public Procurement and supply chain. 

Become a Host

PPPAI Provides the opportunity to be a host in a webinar to the members. 


PPPAI provides the opportunity to  build your international Network from your industry. 


PPPAI Members will have the access on the knowledge series and many research papers. 


PPPAI members will get the opportunity To provide strategic direction to PPPAI as a stakeholder.

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